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Summer 2024 Update!

Veterans for Peace Poetry Reading

I was honored to be invited by the Veterans for Peace to read poetry for them at their rally point in Providence, Rhode Island. Several members of Veterans for Peace are walking from Maine to Washington, DC, to promote peace, justice, and compassion for humanity and Mother Earth. These are values I strongly align with, and being among the various organizations at this show was a reminder of how hard people are working to promote peace around the world.

An Evening of Dark Arts III

For the second time, I was invited by Abaddon Booking to perform poetry at one of my favorite Providence venues: AS220. This collaboration of artists, writers, and musicians has showcased a multitude of creativity in the halls of AS220. This year, I collaborated with long-time friend and musician Brendan Hayter to create a unique poetry reading that featured improvised synthesizer music accompanied by my poems. The evening was a stunning success. It was especially wholesome when audience members approached me afterward and talked about their struggles with life or writing. It reminds me that poetry bridges emotional barriers and introduces solidarity to those in lonely places.

The Marine Heritage Foundation Awards

On May 4th, 2024, I woke up in a hotel room outside Quantico, Virginia. A Star Wars marathon was playing on the television, and I knew it would be a good day. (I didn't even need an AK...)

Two of my closest friends joined me at the National Marine Corps Museum, where we spent several hours enjoying the professionally curated museum. Someone joked, "When I heard they would put up a Marine Corps museum, I thought it would be in a bunch of Quonset huts and warehouses." He was surprised at how incredible the museum was in its immersion.

That evening, hundreds of esteemed guests joined us in the museum's event hall for an incredible meal and recognition of the 2024 award winners. I currently have the award hung and framed in my bedroom, which will remind me of the creative journey and the markers we can set along the way.

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